No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others.
Concierges will send you a private message to bring chat kamer pictogrammen violations to your attention.The discussion or posting of other websites and chat rooms links are not allowed in the main screens.AA Chat Room Guidelines, singleness of Purpose, while other addictions may be a part of your story, please keep the focus on alcohol-related topics. .We are not saints.If you have questions about these rules, or would like to appeal PM one of the Trusted Servants.Self-seeking will slip away.More about alcoholism, most of us have been unwilling to admit we were real alcoholics.But there is One who has all power-that One is God.
Might help them stop drinking.
All of us felt at times that we were regaining control, but such intervals - usually brief - were inevitably followed by still less control, which led in time to pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization.

We would like to close this meeting with the promises and the Lord's prayer.If we are painstaking about this phase of our development, we will be amazed before we are half way through.I am an Alcoholic serving as your Chairperson for todays meeting.We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door.Our stories disclose in a general way what we used to be like, what happened, and what we are like now.Each meeting runs for a full week so that you may read or contribute at your convenience.We asked His protection and care with complete abandon.For those who care to join us, we would like to end this meeting with the Lords prayer Our ongemodereerde sex chat Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.AA Chat Room Rules Guidelines.