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You have to add to the daily list of things to do a reminder to ask for bottled water and coffee pods.
You turn on the shower and nauseating rotten egg smell comes out.The most important issue that will make me think 100 times before staying at online sexy chat met meisjes Le Bristol or visiting that country is the water quality.Unfortunately, the beautiful Hotel, the city and country reflect nothing but a manmade environmental disaster zone.The Hotel contracts out a water trucking company to fill its water tank, The source and quality of water are unknown, all they uitspr sex video's online tell you: it's a spring water!DO a search and sulfur is not something that is found in Lebanon's groundwater (limestone aquifers).Someone in service, is ruining it by not providing the amenities that are included at the time you book the room.The staff was great, The management wasn't great.For coffee pods you have to dial 7 for service and ask them for the two coffee pods.
There is no bathroom fan, so before you start fainting you "shower" quickly and dash out to save your soul.

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Tested for bacteriological parameters like total, fecal,.
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