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Please click the Mobile View tab in the group configurator to see the mobile version.
Top, ban words, links and other content.Blocking anons, there are two ways to block "anon"s (people who message you through your Chatango mini box without signing up for Chatango Block an individual anon by clicking the Block this person button when an anon contacts you.This does not apply to the owner, and moderators can be exempted from this limitation.If you are planning to place a group on a site with high traffic, we recommend the following settings: Configure banned content, add banned words, and set echte amateur eerste keer seks "Send censored messages" to "Only to author".Top Slow mode Restrict users to one post per 30 seconds, or an interval that you set.To manage your private chat history click Account korea cam meisje Settings: You can turn off the local saving of your conversations by unchecking Save Conversations.It should work with all languages, including character based.Delete account, log in to the account that you wish to delete.Top, limit contact from strangers, to limit private messages from people you do not know, log in to Chatango and click Account Settings.To switch between being online and offline, right-click on your Message Catcher and choose Go Online or Go Offline from the menu.Click the Main menu then choose Edit group and toggle Show counter.Turn off private messaging.
Ban user button Ban a user from chatting in your group - you can unban them using: Moderation menu Unban users Delete button Delete this message, or all messages by this user.
Password didn't arrive, chatango sends emails with the temporary password codes.

When you generate your group code, you can turn off private messaging by unchecking "Private messaging" checkbox in the group configurator.Https support and security, i geslacht meisje kamer have an idea for Chatango, report a bug.Block all anon's: Account Settings and uncheck Allow anons to message.About banned words, words in the "word parts" box censors words even when they are a part of a longer word.You need to use an email that has not been used in Chatango before.Edit Moderators You can grant individual permissions to each moderator.

Consider banning links and images.
Click the Main menu then choose Chat restrictions and choose No anons.
Hide the counter and the participants list Log in to your group as the owner.