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Lesann, LiveJournal user and ex-Tumblr user.Con: Tumblr makes real communication more difficult than ever.My life has just Tumbled downhill into fandom from there.I have a whole group of friends there now.Its like everyone is talking, but no one is talking to each other.Ive actually been thinking of moving from Tumblr to LiveJournal, one fan at the Tumblr meetup told me jasmijn adult cam after listening to fans discuss the pros and cons among themselves.BBCode Enabled Smilies Enabled img Enabled html Disabled Jump to: Please select a destination s Forums Rules and Information Support The Forum Guides glbt issues Gay News Sex Relationships Coming Out Health Fitness HIV aids Personal Grooming Civil Unions Marriage Parenthood Family Friends Other topics.Ive been on other sites for role-playing that are much more efficient.Add to Reputation: What do you think of this post?The argument boils down to two issues: communication and kinds of fanworks.Whats more, there seems to be no particular way to respond to the few people who do buck up and manage to actually write a thought back.Language: English, mature content filter: None.The lack of etiquette regarding attribution and remixes on Tumblr has led to problems for artists whove seen their work passed around Tumblr without correct attribution, sometimes with identifying watermarks removed.

Tiffany, Tumblr user at LeakyCons Tumblr meetup.Its hard to argue with those points, given that Tumblr, with its 400 million posts weekly, makes fandom productivity so incredibly visible.To help make sense of the debate, heres a handy pros and cons list the Daily Dot compiled from fans and Tumblr users.An artist or writer can showcase their work and become well known while also getting right down in there with the fandom and being part.Still, dissatisfaction with Tumblr as a one-stop fandom platform has been seeping through.Natalie, tumblr made me too lazy to actually write things about things when i can just enjoy and share pictures I like.Ive just been thinking of getting a more bloggy blog.Tumblr is a place that is particularly well-suited to signal-boosting, and there is a place for that in online culture; but fandom is about creating your own signals!V/A 2016 Demon Logged (Hidden) Twelve Inch Eighties - People Hold On V/A 2016 Demon Logged (Hidden) nicki minaj - THE pink print Logged (Hidden) Act Two - Collabro Logged (Hidden) Global Underground #25 - Deep Dish Toronto.

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Con: Tumblr invites passive participation rather than actual participatory responses.
For Japanese artists, these issues were so large that they created a website, Online Fanarts Protection, to publicly declare their side of the issue: Many think that they are not stealing because of the credit, but the authors, we prohibit reusing without permission, so that.