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Eckhaus: Its really important.
Eckhaus: If Kim Kardashian was having a bad day or something like that.
She looks pretty good.
Published on according to the materials).Bleached-denim Cropped Jacket 525.We didnt make clothes to be conventionally sexed.Eckhaus: I think its confidence and comfort more than sex appeal.You could have the hottest person in the world, and if theyre not feeling sexy, its not gonna look sexy.Emerging from a dynamic design process based on intuition and independence from trends, their frequently gender-fluid pieces are made to appeal to those who take an individualistic approach to their wardrobe.Multi-tonal textural knits and panelled logo t-shirts project deconstructed, lived-in appeal with half-sewn hems and spliced seams, while unexpected fabrics are shown to their best advantage in amply-cut trousers.
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You can make the best clothes in the world but they could not look good on the wrong person.Its always really important for us in the casting.Nun, du hast Glück, denn hier sind sie.Latta: Also the word sexy might be too specific.I would say we did cast a pretty sexy cast.M Eckhaus Latta, green echte keuken sex Shrunk Turtleneck 265, ssense, eckhaus Latta, round-neck Logo-print Cotton Sweatshirt 276.New York City-based fashion label Eckhaus Latta is the brainchild of Rhode Island School of Design alumni Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, who became close friends during the course of their respective studies in sculpture and textile arts.Taylor: Its amazing how youve kept that diverse age range of your cast a focal point of your collections.
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You could have a totally unconventionally-shaped person, and if they are feeling it, it works.