Only two roads were left: one that would cause all its carrier partners to freak out and one that handed them the keys to a shiny new messaging platform they could call their own.
At the end of the day the native SMS app is where users are, he says.Googles pitch to carriers is simple: SMS is going to be replaced one way or another.Chat is the successor to the seemingly umpteen messaging solutions Google has cooked up for Android, including Google Plus, Hangouts, Allo, Duo and Android Messages.Though Google wont say so, I think that road is fundamentally too dangerous for the company.In fact, its always been a problem.We believe in deviantart chat kamers working with our OEMs to be able to deliver a great experience.When chat features are on, you are automatically able to send messages over Wi-Fi and use other features.Tap, advanced, chat features.But more than any of that, hes eager to talk about the features he wants to bring to Android Messages.Theres no clear rollout because Chat functionality depends both on carrier and device support.Oh, and all those companies are fierce competitors who distrust each other and Google.T-Mobile has promised to do so in Q2 of this year.Considering that WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger both clock in at over a billion installs, those numbers just arent good enough.Googles path to getting those features to the 2 billion-plus Android users around the world has been rocky, to put it mildly.At the end of the day, users care about those features.
In the United States, Sprint supports Chat right now between compatible Android phones.
Some carriers will hold out either through obstinacy or inability.

So the move was obvious: shift all that effort from Allo, which doesnt have a clear path to getting more users, and put it into migrating the apps features into the default, Android Messages.Any communication standard that depends on the largess of wireless carriers is inherently at risk of getting messed up in dozens of ways, including price.In order to have some kind of victory in messaging, Google first had to admit defeat.Send by Wi-Fi or mobile data Send by SMS Send by MMS How chat features work When you first turn on chat features, Android Messages checks all your contacts to see if they can also use chat features, and checks again when you message someone.It'll add features like read receipts, being able to see other people typing, full-resolution images and video, and group texting.If you are texting somebody chatten met bengaals meisje who doesnt have Chat enabled or is not an Android user, your messages will revert back to SMS much in the same way that an iMessage does.