You run the server one on one pc, it asks you to enter the port number.
But i cannot get it to work now.
public class ChatClient implements ActionListener static JTextArea ta null; static JButton b1null; static DataInputStream in null; static DataOutputStream out null; static Socket s null; static ServerSocket ss null; public ChatClient jFrame jf new JFrame Chat Client tSize(300,300 tLocation(150,150 ta new JTextArea b1 new JButton Send.The both get connected and now you can send messages between these two pcs.One was called server another was called client.s cept intln client is connected in new out new while(true) adUTF catch(Exception e) intln(e i really need juliastarfall naakt cam this to work and i am all confused.You can remove the send button and add a TextField.Previous Page java home Related Links String constants vs Runtime creation of String JWT becomes invalid after restarting the server Javassist: nnotCompileException: by assFormatError: Duplicate method name signature in class file Passing Shell Context Variables to Compiled Language (Java/C/C) in Posix Change jar name.Profile - id and password private messaging, administration properties private rooms message board - changeable background, i hope someone could help me to implement.Now i am trying to do that but i am getting an error "nnectException : Connection refused : Connect " now i know it used to work long back and the code has not been modified.
Do i put the codes for the applets here?
You asked another question about the send button.

The major work needed is to convert your applet class to the main class of the application.The question you asked looks a few years old.Java code: import.Java code : import.That's how my teacher showed.Java java chat applet help needed all right i need help to run the java applets my former teacher gave.TextField has a actionListener.