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B Make a typical mell u from your counrry.
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So If you like to try dIfferent foods, the United States is the place for you, The United States has people from aU over the world, and they bring with them typical foods from theIr countries.
Weak speaking skills, good writing skHls.Name of girl's friend.New Zealand-based artist Louise McRae works with pieces of discarded wood that are hand-split into small fragments and then carefully reassembled into intricate wall sculptures.The groupings we choose depend on the type of activily, the students and the aim of the activity.Try saying the SCntetlcts above and out a regular rhythm on your hand as you say them.We can see Lllat both these activities give learners an opportunity to use language, hut in different ways.Will the topiCS be motivating to suit the age, gender, expe ri ence and personal interests of your ea rners?Sock and shock, sore and shore, But in Cantonese.How did the age, ways and."Outcxl in which you learnt English influence your success al learning?.2.Then they complete a picture of the girl by drawing her.My higher-level learners sometimes ask me questions about language that I find very difficult to answer.The teacher does nothing.Cities like New York and Los Angeles, there are thousands of different kinds of restaurants with foods from all over the world.
3 What is your past experience of learning English?
7 Give learners opportunities to use English to talk about their own lives.

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