Most dormitories for foreigners are run by the Foreign Students' Education Office (a department providing support services to students in China).
Scrunchies, socks, Do Not Disturb signs, whatever.
Most colleges and universities offer coeducational dorms, where either men or women reside on separate floors but in the same building or where both sexes share a floor but with individual rooms being verborgen cam toilet gay single- sex.
Outside academia however, the word "dorm" or "dormitory" is commonly used without negative connotations.11 Germany edit In Germany there are dormitories called "Studentenwohnheim" (plural: Studentenwohnheime).The great thing about gender-neutral housing is that its just that: neutral.They are usually low cost and serve students.5 Some colleges and university coeducational dormitories also feature coeducational bathrooms.Much new construction includes private bathrooms, but most unaccompanied housing as of 2007 still features bathrooms between pairs of rooms.Well, despite your moms hand wringing, its not just couples shackin.Basically, dating is hard no matter where you live, and co-ed dorms are not depraved spontaneous hookup dens.

But if co-ed living isnt for you, thats okay too.Indeed, the words are used regularly in the marketplace as well as routinely in advertising.Kitchen facilities are usually shared, as are bathrooms in some halls, though more expensive en suite rooms are available in some universities.9 Unfortunately, this often means that students are forced to vacate their rooms up to three times per year.Even if we can get past the twin-sized bed with two adult-sized bodies, we often have at least one roommate not entirely so willing to give up their night's sleep so we can get frisky.From the Latin dormitorium." @ wordorigins.
Staffing edit In the United States, university residence halls are normally staffed by a combination of both students and professional residence life staff.
A typical American university and college dormitory room in 2002.

Military dormitory accommodations are generally intended for two junior enlisted single personnel per room, although in most cases this is slowly being phased out in favor of single occupancy in accordance with newer Department of Defense standards.
There are some being part of the local universities like resa who builds on land of the universities and provide accommodation to their students and private ones like Melon District at Barcelona as the major residence hall in the city, Galileo Galilei at Valencia (part.
Sure, there might be some co-ed roommates who hook up, just like there may be same-sex roommates who hook.* It would be statistically unlikely for it not to happen at least once (okay, probably a couple times).