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Met een leuke hak en een effen tas is je outfit helemaal compleet en ben je date night ready! .
Moving to Amsterdam but still wondering where to live in Amsterdam?
Do this in California and people will act like you're murdering those children.Dutch people also get very introspective when I ask them how they are doing.Most of you have been pretty cool gratis vervelende telefoon chat and make up for the people wishing I get kanker because I don't like Dutch food, or called the country Holland.Computer says no; A typical Gemeente representative.If the main lease holder shows their ID at town hall and says that you live there, you should be fine.But its not like it is in America where you can disappear into the woods and have no one around you for tens of miles.

When I lived in San Francisco I would cringe when tourists would call it Frisco.Holland has an amazing lack of homeless people.A little." Apparently "a little" means "I speak it fluently provided we're not using obscure technical or legal terms." Except for that one girl at Eindhoven train station who denied speaking English when I asked her if this train we going to Marheeze.In San Francisco, one can find restaurants for almost any type of cuisine: Burmese, German, Ethiopian, Peruvian, etc.Australians (like me British, New Zealanders and Americans are all viewed to be from the same country where everyone only speaks English.I hate getting a Coke with my lunch and having to drink it lukewarm.Try even harder not to be from an English speaking country.When does Dutch soccer season start?Holy shit this country is flat.
Even in America those guys are assholes.

As I face my last few weeks, staring down the possibility of paying on credit card for a plane ticket home to go back to start saving again, I have wondered often what I did wrong.
Once you are done with immigration, the only thing you can do is wait until your appointment with the Town Hall.